Fun With Spot

Website for preschoolers and young children. Children familiar with the Spot book series will love the fun language-based games. There are also parent and teacher resources.
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Custom Learning Materials

It’s an online set of tools to create learning materials, schedules, and visual support. There’s a database of picture symbols you search for by keyword (e.g., search “ball” and you’ll see a variety of drawn pictures that could represent “ball”). You can then bank these symbols in your workspace and use them to create PDF materials.
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PBS Kids Online Games

Some highlights include Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck which allows the child to make different foods from a recipe. Dress Up Time has the child help get their favorite Sesame Street characters dressed for the day. Both games are great for targeting following directions and common vocabulary.
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Knee Bouncers

Featuring educational games and entertaining videos designed especially for babies, toddlers, and preschool kids.
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¡Colorín colorado!

One of the greatest gifts you can give your child is the gift of two languages. This website is dedicated to support bilingual families support their young child’s developments, literacy skills, reading and more. Helpful resources include in-home learning opportunities, raising bilingual kids, support for struggling learners, resources for multicultural families.
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Noggin’s Big Heart World content was designed by a leading team of experts and professionals in the field of early childhood to promote children’s healthy social and emotional development. The “Big Heart World” area of the app includes songs, videos, and games that will help kids learn about the world and important people in their lives.
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