Special Education and Related Services Grid

In Connecticut’s IEP form, the student's service hours grid will be in a section labeled Special Education and Related Services. It will record the:

  • Service
  • Goal (by numbers)
  • Frequency (how many times)
  • Duration (for how long)
  • Responsible staff
  • Service implementer (by role)
  • Start and end dates
  • Site (where your child will receive their services)
  • Instructional service delivery

Extended School Year (ESY) services will have their own grid, if your child is eligible for ESY.

*Instructional Site Codes:
1a. General Education Setting 50% or more non-disabled peers
1b. General Education Setting less than 50% non-disabled peers
2a. Resource Setting
2b. Separate Setting/Program
2c. Related Service Setting
3a. Community-Based Setting 50% or more non-disabled peers
3b. Community-Based Setting less than 50% non-disabled peers

There will be a key at the bottom of the page to help indicate where the services will be delivered. The service hours and sites in this grid will determine the student’s Time With Non-Disabled Peers (TWNDP). This will be recorded in the IEP section called Removal from the General Education Environment.

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