IEP & CT Special Education Data System (CT-SEDS)

What has changed in the Connecticut IEP?
IEP Videos and Recordings:
CT Has a New IEP! (Video)
IEP Nuevo (Video)
Parent Tour of CT's IEP (English)
Parent Tour of CT's IEP (Spanish)
Q&A with Bryan Klimkiewicz from the CT State Department of Education
Español Q&A with Bryan Klimkiewicz, IEP Neuvo

Learning Modules
The CT State Department of Education created this module to help parents and families understand the Individualized Education Program (IEP), the Planning and Placement Team Meeting Process, and the new forms being used as of July 2022. The module can be completed at your own pace as it allows you to pause and take notes. As a result, you will learn how to prepare for your child's PPT meeting, how to assist in the development/revision of your child's IEP, help you understand how to read and understand the IEP, and how to identify the key elements and sections of your child's IEP.
Individualized Education Program - A Guide for Parents & Families
Programa Individualizado de Educacion - Guia para Padres y Familias

Comparison Resources
These documents highlight some of the differences in the CT IEP form:
Side-by-Side Comparison of the Current Connecticut IEP and the New IEP
IEP Crosswalk
Coming Soon! IEP FAQ

CT-SEDS (Connecticut Special Education Data System) Forms
Included in the rollout of the CT IEP form, is the CT Special Education Data System, or CT-SEDS. CT-SEDS is a single, statewide, web-based special education data management system that districts will be using with the CT IEP. The following forms are related to the CT-SEDS and the Connecticut IEP. These are forms that the district may use during the Planning and Placement Team (PPT) meeting, as part of the IEP, or separate from the IEP as appropriate.
Connecticut IEP Form
Prior Written Notice Template
Prior Written Notice (PWN) Actions Proposed/Refused Reference Guide
Planning and Placement Team (PPT) Record of Meeting Template
Summary of Planning and Placement Team (PPT) Template (Optional)
Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) Procedural Checklist
Summary of Performance (SOP) Template

CT-SEDS (Connecticut Special Education Data System) Parent Portal
The Connecticut Special Education Data system includes an online Parent Portal where parents will be able to view the IEP and specific related documents, such as Prior Written Notice. It is important to note that using the Parent Portal is a tool that is available for districts to use, but not a requirement.