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This page will help you to submit an event to the CT Parent Advocacy Center so it can be considered for posting on the CPAC Events page.

To get started, please complete the web form which appears below. All required information is indicated by an asterisk. After you submit your event, you will receive a confirmation email which will include the content you have submitted below. A representative from CPAC will review your event submission, and may follow-up with you for additional information.

CPAC events page is for free or low-cost events or events with scholarships for families, students, youth, and professionals.

If you have any questions or need assistance on submitting your event, please refer to our Contact page. Thank you for your interest in submitting an event to us!
– CT Parent Advocacy Center

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Enter the start and end time for your event. For example: "6:00 PM to 8:00PM".

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Enter the complete description information for your event. This might include the subject matter, speakers, and other details about the event.

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Enter an optional website address (or URL) to a registration service so people can register for your event. Leave this blank if no online registration is utilized for your event. We suggest that you copy and paste the website address instead of typing it manually.
NOTE: Please enter only the registration link with no supporting textual description. For example: https://myevent.com

Add an optional PDF file as an event brochure which can be downloaded by a website visitor.

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