Research tells us that increasing a family's engagement in their children's education is one way to increase student success. CPAC continues to be a resource to families and schools to help build positive relationships at the individual, school or district level.

School district staff are encouraged to call CPAC to talk about how we can support their efforts to increase family engagement in their children's learning. Families are also encouraged to call to find out how they can become more effectively involved in their child's education.

Effective Conversations

CPAC Parent Consultants are available to help when a dispute arises between a family and school staff. The Parent Consultant will determine on a case-by-case basis if the situation can be helped through our assistance through phone calls and meeting participation with all parties. Some disputes may require alternative solutions depending upon the underlying issues. Families and school staff may both request our assistance. For more information, refer to our Effective Conversations Brochure.

Special Education Advisory Councils (SEAC)

CPAC will work with schools and families to establish a SEAC in your district. This allows the opportunity to improve partnerships with families and creates opportunities for families to help with school improvement activities. District Administrators are encouraged to call CPAC for more information. Families may ask CPAC to help but district support is required. For more information please contact CPAC at (860) 739-3089.

Working Together: Supporting Family and School Collaboration

CPAC is available to help school districts create a comprehensive outreach plan for families with children receiving special education services. CPAC will be partnering with districts across the state to help their leadership teams create comprehensive plans for providing families with needed information while also gathering feedback from families to improve services for students with disabilities. For more information, refer to our Working Together Brochure.

More Information

Families & Schools Working Together