Transition Planning Steps For Families & Students Three Years Before Exiting High School

  1. Students, family members and school personnel (e.g. transition coordinator, guidance counselor, etc.) should identify community support services and programs relating to the student's disability. (e.g. Bureau of Rehabilitation Services, Department of Developmental Services, Department of Mental Health, etc.).
  2. Student and family members should contact school administrators prior to the Planning and Placement team meeting to confirm that the appropriate adult service providers have been invited and will attend the PPT meeting.
  3. Planning and Placement team members should identify the student's strengths and skills so that the appropriate vocational/educational programming can be developed for the student.
  4. The student and family members should explore various post secondary programs and identify the support services that are available at these programs. The student should schedule an appointment with the guidance counselor to discuss accommodations needed to take the college entrance exams.
  5. Team members should explore alternative career paths, participate in job shadows, job internships and/or paid employment to help determine career interests and strengths.
  6. The Planning and Placement Team members should help determine student eligibility for financial support. Student and family members should contact the appropriate agencies to begin the application process. (e.g. Social Security Income, Social Security Disability Income, Title 19, Medicaid, Husky program and Katie Beckett, etc.).
  7. The Planning and Placement Team members should discuss the transfer of rights prior to the student's eighteenth birthday. (e.g. guardianship, conservator)
  8. Student should have a transition portfolio completed by graduation from high school. Included in this portfolio should be a summary of transition services including vocational assessments, job shadows, job internships, resume and references.
  9. Student and or family member must request a complete copy of all educational records before exiting high school.

Developed by the Connecticut Transition Taskforce Parent Sub-Committee, 2005
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