The ABCs of Staying In Touch with Your School

  • Ask questions whenever you have a concern
  • Build your child's confidence with regular communication
  • Clarify language you don't understand
  • Dig into your child's schoolwork and know what is going on
  • E-mail your child's teacher or principal
  • Follow up with teachers and others at your school
  • Gather information on how your school works
  • Have patience when trying to reach teachers
  • Inform your school about issues important to your child
  • Join parent organizations and school committees
  • Keep up-to-date on school events and activities
  • Let teachers know you want good communication
  • Meet people whenever you can and share good news
  • Never go away feeling confused or angry
  • Organize your questions before attending school meetings
  • Provide a good example with good communication
  • Question teachers about other programs that help your child
  • Read and respond to notices your child brings home
  • Spend time learning with your child
  • Thank your child for sharing school news
  • Understand school rules - and why they're important
  • Voice your concerns with those who can solve the problem
  • Wade through the red tape if it appears
  • X-out what isn't essential when communicating about the school
  • Yearn to help others helping your child succeed
  • Zero in-on the messages vital to a great school experience

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