Early Childhood

Do you have a child receiving services through the Connecticut Birth to Three System who will be turning three years old soon? If so, then the information below will help you understand the steps in transitioning from Birth to Three System to your local school district (if you child is determined eligible for special education services).

Identifying and Explaining Your Child's Needs: Tips for Parents

Disability Categories Under IDEA

Connecticut allows children to receive special education services through six years of age under the disability category of "developmental delay." To qualify for special education services under the developmental delay category, a child must have a delay of two standard deviations in one area or a delay of 1.5 standard deviations below the mean in two areas of development, as measured by a standardized test.

By a child's sixth birthday, the PPT team must determine the appropriate disability category through which the child will continue to receive special education services. For descriptions of the disability categories defined by IDEA, read "Categories of Disability Under IDEA Law" on the Center for Parent Information and Resources website.

Helpful Resources

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