Child Find

Child Find is a component of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA '04) that requires each state to develop a statewide system for identifying, locating and evaluating all children with disabilities ages birth through 22 who are in need of special education and related services.

Parents or guardians of children ages birth through two years who suspect that their child may have a disability should contact Birth-to-Three at (800)-505-7000.

CPAC's Involvement in Child Find

The Child Find Project at Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center (CPAC) is a mandated project funded by the Connecticut State Department of Education, Bureau of Special Education. Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Connecticut special education regulations, the Department of Education is responsible for locating and identifying children - from birth through age 22 - who may be eligible for special education services. CPAC's Child Find Project is designed to assist the Connecticut Department of Education and local school districts with the implementation of this comprehensive Child Find system. The Child Find Project conducts ongoing public awareness activities in Connecticut, provides technical assistance to families and providers regarding the steps to receive special education and the identification process and connects families and other referral sources with the special education services and resources that a child may need.

The Referral Process for Special Education in Connecticut

When a child is struggling in school and suspected of having a possible disability and need for special education and related services, a referral for special education may be made. This referral should be made in writing to the school. The CT State Department of Education has a standard form, ED621, that can be filled out and given to the school. If you have questions on how to fill out the form, please contact the Child Find Project.

For more information about the referral process for special education, please click on the link below which will lead you to a flow chart of the basic steps to receiving special education services in Connecticut when a disability is suspected.

Locate, Identify and Evaluate: Understanding the Components of Child Find

Under Child Find, states and school districts must locate, identify and evaluate all children with disabilities, ages birth through 22, who are in need of early intervention or special education services. Learn more about these components

Basic Steps for Receiving Special Education Services in Connecticut

There are specific steps involved in the process of receiving special education services in Connecticut. Learn what happens after a disability is suspected. Learn more about these basic steps

Additional Child Find Resources

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